Walks after walks, my father taught me how to appreciate the beauty of natural elements, and to discover unexpected meanings in barks, rocks or even Paris cobblestones. 

This series of etching aims at highlighting the chaotic patterns of exotic barks I photographed. This project has its fashion counterpart, a dress on which I engraved wood veins.

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Dry point etching on paper, 24X32cm

Pietra paesina

Ruin marble

These etchings were inspired by the reading of Roger Caillois's Writing of Stones (1970) and by looking at the incredible patterns on ruin marbles, also called paesines.

I tried to translate these landscapes through different means : through silk-screen printing on paper and on plexiglas, in order to create depth, and through dry point etching on paper.

Silk-screen printing, Paper series, 60X40 cm

Silkreen-printing, Plexiglas series, 60X40 cm

Dry point etchings, Paper series, 24X32 cm